10 Lines on Computer


10 Lines on Computer: A computer is an electronic gadget consisting of a central processing unit (CPU), mouse, keyboard and a monitor. It is the most efficient way for sorting, processing and arrangement of data by executing different tasks.

We give the computer the input and the computer returns the user-defined output. In this article, we’ll talk about this gadget in 4 sets each containing 10 lines in more detail.

10 Lines on Computer

  1. Computer is an electronic device.
  2. Computer is a machine that can be used for performing certain tasks.
  3. A computer consist of a CPU, mouse, keyboard and a monitor.
  4. The CPU or central processing unit is the main part of a computer.
  5. It stores, executes, sorts and processes different datatypes.
  6. It is used to connect with people that are sitting far away from your location.
  7. CPU is known as the brain of the computer.
  8. Computers are used everywhere nowadays.
  9. In schools also there are computer classes and labs.
  10. A computer has made everyone’s life easy.
10 Lines on Computer
Image: 10 Lines on Computer

Few Lines on Computer

  1. A computer can store large amounts of data in its memory.
  2. It is very simple to operate.
  3. Kids use laptops and computers to study online.
  4. It is the most useful and great invention of modern technology.
  5. It uses 2 devices namely input device and output device.
  6. Computers have become a significant part of our daily life.
  7. Computers are used everywhere in every sector whether health or education.
  8. It is an intelligent machine which performs technical tasks.
  9. Businessmen use computers for calculations, sale analysis, budgeting and maintenance of stocks.
  10. Computers of today’s generation are faster and cheaper.
Few Lines on Computer
Image: Few Lines on Computer

Computer Essay 10 Lines

  1. Communication has become very easy with the use of computers.
  2.  It helped students during the pandemic time to take classes online.
  3. Also these are used for advertising and marketing.
  4. It stores data and functions in an organised way.
  5. We can accomplish a lot of tasks through the computer.
  6. There are many types of computers.
  7. We run the computer with a keyboard and a mouse.
  8. There are 3 main units of computer through which it works.
  9. Arithmetic Logic Unit, Control Unit and Memory Unit are the units of computer.
  10. These units perform proper functioning of data.
Computer Essay 10 Lines
Image: Computer Essay 10 Lines

10 Lines About Computer

  1. Computers are modern day machines used by almost every person in the world.
  2. Laptops are more specialised and advanced forms of computers.
  3. It is used for various types of calculations.
  4. It saves a lot of time and provides an easy way of data processing.
  5. Many people have their personal computers at their home.
  6. Children play several types of games on the computer.
  7. I love working on the computer.
  8. It is the most advanced innovation mankind has ever created.
  9. Softwares can be created with the help of computers.
  10. It is easy to setup a meeting between people through a computer.
10 Lines About Computer
Image: 10 Lines About Computer


This electronic device called a computer has made life easy for a lot of people. It has proved helpful to the officials of government and even the small children studying in the school. By this we conclude that the computer is the most modernised way of organising data. I hope this article helps you.

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