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10 lines on Cow: Cow is a domestic animal which is used by humans in many ways. The products of this animal are beneficial to human consumption. The most important thing that a cow gives mankind is milk.

It not only gives milk but cow dung which itself is a manure and its urine is known to treat many diseases. Cows have four legs, two horns, two eyes, a nose, two ears and a long tail. In this article, we’ll talk about different things about cows in 4 sets each containing 10 lines.

The Cow 10 Lines

  1. Cow is a herbivorous animal.
  2. Cow is considered to be a sacred animal in Hindu religion.
  3. People of India worship this animal.
  4. Cow is given the status of a mother in Hindu religion that’s why people call it ‘Gau Mata’.
  5. It eats grasses, leaves and vegetables.
  6. Cow is an animal that can be domisticated.
  7. Cow is a four footed animal.
  8. Cow’s products are very useful to humans.
  9. Milk produced by cows is nutritious and improves the immune system.
  10. It prevents illness and helps us to stay healthy.
The Cow 10 Lines

The Cow Essay 10 Lines

  1. Through the milk of cows we get fermented products like yogurt, cheese, curd and butter.
  2. Cow’s dung is a natural rich fertiliser.
  3. Cow’s dung can be used to produce fuel and biogas.
  4. It is also an insect repellent.
  5. Cow’s leather is the most commonly used leather used to make products like belts and seats.
  6. A cow has four legs, two horns and one tail.
  7. In India, everyone respects cows and gives food to her.
  8. Cow is a calm animal which is harmless.
  9. It is a domestic animal.
  10. Many people keep cows at their homes.
The Cow Essay 10 Lines

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Cow Essay 10 Lines

  1. Farmers also use cows to mow fields.
  2. People domesticate cows for various uses.
  3. In India, most of the people solely rely on dairy products for living.
  4. Cow’s milk contains healthy nutritional values.
  5. It is also known as Kamadhenu in Indian Society.
  6. There are many breeds of cows found in India.
  7. Cow is also used in many agricultural fields.
  8. It walks slowly due to its large body.
  9. Many diseases are treated with the use of cow’s urine.
  10. Its dung is a natural manure and a source of fuel.
Cow Essay 10 Lines
my cow 10 lines

Cow Essay 10 Lines in English

  1. According to the Hindu Religion, there are 33 crore Gods and Goddesses in a cow.
  2. That’s the reason cows are considered as a sacred animal.
  3. It can be of different colours, shapes and sizes around India.
  4. The male cow is known as Ox.
  5. Ox is used to draw the carts and plough the fields.
  6. A male’s cow child is known as Calf.
  7. A female’s cow child is known as Heifer.
  8. This animal has more than 1000 breeds across India.
  9. It is the most loving and gentle animal which can be domesticated.
  10. People can find cows easily everywhere.
10 Line Essay on Cow in English
the cow essay in english 10 line


Cow is a milk producing animal and this quality of cow makes it the best domesticated animal in the world. Every product of cows is useful to mankind.

People should take care of cows and give them fresh grains and vegetables so that they stay healthy and give pure milk. I hope this article helps you.

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