10 Lines on My Hobby


10 Lines on My Hobby: Every individual has got something in them which they express through their hobbies. Hobbies are the activities that we like to do the most in our free time or make free time for them.

Hobbies are an essential part of life as they stimulate growth and sometimes it turns into a passion. In this article, there are 4 sets of different hobbies containing 10 lines each.

10 Lines on My Hobby

  1. My hobby is drawing.
  2. I like sketching and drawing things in my notebook.
  3. My parents encourage me with my creativity.
  4. Drawing is a good thing and it can release your stress.
  5. I express my emotions through drawing various things.
  6. My father appreciates me whenever I draw something.
  7. I teach my brother how to draw objects around.
  8. I like to fill colours in my notebooks.
  9. Drawing is a great hobby.
  10. It makes us creative.
10 Lines on My Hobby
Image: 10 Line on My Hobby

My Hobby Essay 10 Lines

  1. My hobby is reading.
  2. I read many types of story books and novels.
  3. My favourite genre is fiction.
  4. Reading is a great habit as it makes you smarter.
  5. Reading efficiently increases our IQ.
  6. My mother helps me out when I find difficulty in understanding the tough words.
  7. Reading makes your mind sharper and improves your vocabulary skills.
  8. Reading is a great hobby.
  9. When my mother is not around I use the dictionary to find the meaning of words.
  10. I love reading so much.
My Hobby Essay 10 Lines
Image: My Hobby Essay 10 Lines

My Hobby 10 Lines

  1. My creative hobby is photography.
  2. Photography is the art of capturing the moment you are into.
  3. I like to click photos so much.
  4. I click photos of every place I go and every cuisine I eat.
  5. Photography is an easy way of expressing something.
  6. I love capturing candid moments of people and sharing it with them.
  7. I click photographs with my mobile phone and edit them too.
  8. Photography is my passion and I will soon turn this into an occupation.
  9. I want to be an artist and a photographer in future.
  10. I enjoy the most when I am alone while capturing nature.
My Hobby 10 Lines
Image: My Hobby 10 Lines

10 Lines Essay on My Hobby

  1. My hobby is writing.
  2. Writing is something I like to do every day.
  3. I never get bored of writing.
  4. I have a habit of writing daily diary entries at night.
  5. In my diary I write about myself and how my day passed.
  6. Sometimes I re-write fictional stories from my school books.
  7. It is a great hobby as it improves our spelling errors.
  8. William Shakespear is my favourite writer.
  9. Sometimes when I don’t get time I complete my entries on the next day.
  10. Everyone motivates me to write more.
10 Lines Essay on My Hobby
Image: 10 Lines Essay on My Hobby


Here we conclude with providing you the article on the best 4 hobbies for an individual. I hope this helps you out.

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