10 Lines on Save Trees


10 Lines on Save Trees: Trees are a gift of nature and are of great importance. There are ample uses of trees as they are a part of the biosphere. Trees are the most valuable source of life as they provide us oxygen for living.

We need to save trees at any cost and try to plant more trees around us. In this article we’ll discuss why we need to save trees and plants in 4 sets each containing 10 lines.

10 Lines on Save Trees

  1. Trees are a part of nature.
  2. They provide us with many fruits and oxygen for living.
  3. They nourish us and fight against climatic changes.
  4. Trees provide shelter when the day is sunny or rainy.
  5. Trees filter the air and fill it with pure oxygen.
  6. We should save trees in order to keep the environment clean.
  7. Life on Earth is dependent on trees and sunlight.
  8. Cutting of trees without consent should be stopped.
  9. People should plant more and more trees.
  10. We should not harm the trees because they keep us healthy by providing nourishment.
10 Lines on Save Trees
Image: 10 Lines on Save Trees

Save Trees 10 Lines

  1. Trees are a blessing from God.
  2. They keep us safe from the harsh environmental conditions.
  3. Many trees are used to make medicines for the treatment of severe diseases.
  4. In everyday life we use the products coming from the trees.
  5. The paper, the wood, the fruits, vegetables and main thing the oxygen comes from the trees.
  6. Conservation of trees should be taken more seriously.
  7. We should save trees and spread awareness to grow and plant more trees.
  8. We should start finding ways to save trees because it is important to save the atmosphere from depletion.
  9. Trees benefit every life form present on Earth in one or the other way.
  10. We should maintain the balance and plant more trees.
Save Trees 10 Lines
Image: Save Trees 10 Lines

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10 Lines Essay on Save Trees

  1. Trees give shelter to many birds and insects.
  2. It is an integral part of the atmosphere which helps in reducing pollution.
  3. Every form of life on Earth is directly or indirectly dependent on the trees for survival.
  4. Deforestation should be lowered down while reforestation should increase.
  5. To save life on earth we should first save trees.
  6. To minimise the cutting of trees, we should recycle paper, wood and other eco-friendly products.
  7. Trees are natural filters which absorb Carbon Dioxide present in the atmosphere and convert it to Oxygen.
  8. Oxygen is the basic necessity for living, that’s the reason why trees should be saved and planted more.
  9. We should also keep our surroundings clean and hygienic so that trees can grow in a healthy manner.
  10. People should start buying recycled products more to save the trees.
10 Lines Essay on Save Trees
Image: 10 Lines Essay on Save Trees

Few Lines on Save Trees

  1. Conservation and preservation of trees has become crucial in today’s generation.
  2. The ozone layer is depleting continuously because of pollution and global warming.
  3. Lack of the number of trees on Earth is the major reason for the cause of Global Warming.
  4. Trees have a significant impact on the environment as it keeps the weather moderate and protects against harsh climatic weathers.
  5. Each element of a tree is beneficial to organisms whether it be root or trunk.
  6. Various campaigns should be organised to spread awareness and stop deforestation.
  7. Conservation of trees should be taken more seriously as it is the only form that ensures survival of all the life forms on Earth.
  8. The government has taken several measures to save trees and grow them at individual level every day.
  9. Trees must be planted by every individual to control the pollution and other disasters.
  10. We must save trees to save the biosphere. We cannot sacrifice our future by not saving trees.
Few Lines on Save Trees
Image: Few Lines on Save Trees


People should plant more and more trees everyday not only on World Environmental Day. Trees have always been useful to mankind in providing natural herbs, vegetables, fruits, wood, timber, etc.

It’s our duty to save trees and keep the environment healthy. ‘Save trees, Save Biosphere’ I hope this article helps you.

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