Essay on Air Pollution


Pollution refers to the contamination of natural resources by various pollutants (unwanted or undesirable foreign particles) which results in harmful or toxic effects on the environment. Air pollution is the most occurring pollution in the world. Air pollution refers to the pollution of the atmospheric air.

Pollutants present in the air make it harmful to breathe and cause several respiratory diseases. To avoid this serious problem of air pollution, everyone should plant as many trees as possible and stop deforestation as it results in an undersupply of oxygen in the environment.

This lack of oxygen results in the death of the microbes and various other flora and fauna which are important for the ecosystem. In this article, we will talk about this critical problem of atmospheric or air pollution in four sets of different essays of 150, 250, 350 and 500 words.

Essay on Air Pollution 150 Words

Air Pollution is a kind of pollution in which the atmospheric air gets contaminated and becomes undesirable for breathing and other purposes. Air pollution affects many lives present on the Earth. Humans, floras and fauna survival is solely based upon the presence of Oxygen gas.

Due to the increasing number of factories and transport vehicles, the air is getting highly concentrated by poisonous gases. The pollutants may be gaseous in phase or solid in nature and they go inside the lungs of the person when he breathes in.

With the decreasing number of trees, the carbon volume in the atmospheric air increases with a significant decrease in the volume of oxygen. This results in an unbalanced situation. The crop yield of the agricultural field is decreased due to air pollution.

The plants and the trees stop growing healthy if they do not find the carbon-oxygen balance in nature. In this way, air pollution affects the species of a particular area and results in severe respiratory diseases. 

Essay on Air Pollution
Image: Essay on Air Pollution

Air Pollution Essay 250 Words

Air Pollution deteriorates the environment by introducing toxic substances into the air. The air becomes harmful to breathe in. Air Pollution is caused due to the toxic gases released by the motor vehicles and factories in the form of smoke.

It can be caused by deforestation. The population of the world crosses billions and everyone needs oxygen gas for their own survival. This creates an enormous need for oxygen and due to the large-scale cutting of trees, the demand for oxygen does not meet the standards and henceforth results in a deficiency of oxygen.


Air Pollution is hazardous and it affects human as well as plant life. Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide are poisonous gases which induce various disorders and these gases can be produced by burning fossil fuels or the gas engine of the car.

Air pollution causes heart-related problems as well as many respiratory diseases. Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai have poor air quality because of the large populations and industrialisation. In order to breathe fresh and clean air, we must balance the number of trees with the number of humans. The process should be balanced to keep the environment healthy.

Air pollution has become a huge global problem and it needs to be resolved as soon as we can because it is depleting our natural resources. With increasing global warming the ozone layer is continuously depleting and letting the harmful UV rays from the Sun fall directly on the Earth.


Air pollution not only affects human life but also trees and plants’ life by inhibiting their growth. In order to keep the environment and living beings residing in it healthy, everyone should start taking measures to lower the effect of air pollution. 

Air Pollution Essay
Image: Air Pollution Essay

Essay on Air Pollution 350 Words

 Air pollution refers to the contamination of the environmental air by toxic gases and other harmful solid nanoparticles. Pollution makes the air impure to breathe in. Due to industrialisation and modern era technologies, the air of the Earth is getting affected.


The natural resources of our mother Earth are getting depleted because of air pollution. Air pollution not only leads to the introduction of impurity in atmospheric air but also it affects the quality of human and plant life. It inhibits plant growth and the plant or the tree becomes weak.

Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide are poisonous gases which induce various disorders and these gases can be produced by burning fossil fuels or the gas engine of the car. Human babies are facing premature death due to the poor quality of the air.

Air Pollution leads to global warming which is a huge problem worldwide. Global Warming basically means that the temperature of the air is increased and the levels of carbon dioxide gas, CFC and other pollutants are significantly boosted.

Global Warming leads to the introduction of an increased number of pollutants which results in the depletion of the ozone layer. The depletion of the ozone layer is a very negative factor because the depleted ozone layer allows the UV rays from the Sun fall directly on the surface of the Earth and have an adverse effect.

Therefore, it becomes our duty to protect the climate, ourselves and the next generation from these harsh consequences. We should plant more and more trees and start using public transport more. Consequently, we need to take moral efforts to reduce this deteriorating effect of air pollution.

We can cancel out this effect by using public transport, recycling and reusing products, by planting more trees and preventing deforestation, avoiding the firing of crackers, using filters for chimneys, etc. By creating types of machinery and industries without their proper disposal system, the toxic pollutants are continuously spoiling the water bodies and the atmospheric air making it harmful and toxic.

People should now invest their money properly on the resources so that the next generation do not suffer these consequences. As accountable citizens, we should take some measures and circulate awareness regarding this issue by organising movements, and campaigns and making posters. 

Air Pollution Essay 500 Words

Air Pollution refers to the contamination of the atmospheric air by pollutants. Pollutants are fine toxic nanoparticles which are harmful to the environment as well as living beings. There are many causes of air pollution. In agricultural areas, farmers take use of pesticides and fertilisers which are poisonous.

These fertilisers get mixed with the air and cause air pollution. Dust in the environment also causes air pollution. The smoke from motor vehicles and industries also causes pollution and makes the air harmful to breathe in.

Babies are dying of premature death due to this environmental pollution. Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide are poisonous gases which induce various disorders and these gases can be produced by burning fossil fuels or the gas engine of the car. Air pollution leads to a number of respiratory and heart-related diseases.

Industries and factories should create proper machinery and tools which have a proper disposal system for the noxious gases and other pollutants. Air pollution has affected the health of people in a negative manner. Pollution is causing Global Warming and it is not healthy for the environment and the organisms living on the Earth.

Global Warming results in an increase in the surface temperature of the earth and rapidly boosts the level of gases like Carbon dioxide, methane and CFCs. Global Warming is caused by the greenhouse gases like water vapour, carbon dioxide, CFC, methane and nitrous oxide. Greenhouse gases are produced by the burning of fossil fuels and these gases generate the greenhouse effect which causes global warming.

This phenomenon further results in the depletion of the ozone layer by the destruction of ozone molecules. Ozone can be destroyed in seconds but it takes a lot longer to make ozone molecules. Increasing carbon dioxide and chloride emissions can deplete the ozone layer to a great extent.

The ozone layer has already started to break now. If we don’t take care of our careless attitude, all the people of the earth and the next generation will suffer the consequences. To reduce the impact of air pollution and save the flora and fauna of this earth we must take adequate measures. One can plant more plants to increase oxygen levels and start recycling products.

Everyone has to take individual steps to control pollution by planting more trees and preventing the use of things which cause pollution. Serious action should be taken and people should take steps in order to reduce pollution and make Earth a better living place.

In order to reduce the effect of air pollution, we should start taking public transport so that fewer cars will emit carbon dioxide. We should plant more and more trees in order to balance the number of trees and plants with the number of living beings.

People should spread awareness regarding this matter so that uneducated people also know and try to stop if they see the environment getting polluted. Deforestation should be prevented and trees must be saved to cancel out the effect of the harmful pollutants.

As responsible citizens, we must take this responsibility to protect our environment, ourselves and our future generations from this deterioration and respiratory diseases.


In the end, I would like to say that to preserve the species of the nation and protect the environment from these toxic pollutants, we must take effective measures. To reduce this effect of air pollution and save the species of the Earth from the pollutants, one should plant more trees so that the oxygen level increases and does not have an adverse impact on nature.

We should spread awareness regarding this critical situation and stop deforestation to an extent to which the ecosystem gets balanced. People should take sufficient precautions and take strict actions to make the earth a better living place. I hope this article helped you with whatever you were looking for. 


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