Essay on Education Should Be Free


Essay on Education Should be Free: Education has the potential to be a powerful weapon for the people, but today, it is mostly governed by corruption. Education is the key to the development of any country. Even so, many people are unable to achieve it because of financial differences.

Education should be free in order to develop the country, so that it will move in the right direction. If education is free, then the country will begin to develop, leading the country in the right direction.

A well-informed citizen acts as a more productive citizen. Nearly every developed nation provides its citizens with free primary and secondary education.

Essay On Education Should Be Free 150 Words

“EDUCATION” is a Sanskrit word meaning “to teach”, which means giving systematic instructions to pupils, especially at schools and universities. It is the best tool that can be used to lift people out of poverty and backward thinking.

A good education can teach others good manners, change the world, and enable us to advance in all areas of our lives. It is what makes us unique from other species.

Education increases our knowledge of things, it empowers us, it makes us better human beings. It also makes us more compassionate. It instills humanity in us. I believe that everyone should be educated so that they can be aware of their social and moral responsibilities.

In order to make a bright future, education should be free. Not everyone can afford it. It is unfortunate that schools and colleges charge high fees. This makes students prefer to work over getting an education. There are several measures that need to be taken by the government, such as making education free to all.

We can change the world by using education. It can help us alter the mindset of people. Additionally, it can help us eliminate corruption from our society.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get an education due to financial concerns. People who are struggling to feed their children, can’t afford it. They are left helpless and desperate.


The government should make education free for everyone. So that everyone can benefit from free education. The government should reform the education system so that poor people can send their children to schools and colleges.

Essay on Education Should Be Free
Essay on Education Should Be Free

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Human beings need education. It shouldn’t be denied to anyone because of a lack of funding. A well-educated citizen is more likely to excel in their individual fields and contribute more to national development efforts than a less educated citizen. Even primary education is currently charged in many countries, a trend that is unfortunate for many people.

There’s no doubt that this doesn’t deter poor families from sending their children to school, but it certainly makes things harder for them, forcing them to either leave their children behind or work harder.


Knowledge, skills, and character are all developed through education. For humans, it can be thought of as knowledge that has been assimilation or learning. It means that you should develop your strength to control yourself; to choose your destiny on your own; to teach others while developing yourself at the same time.

A child’s education is not free because it costs money because schools, universities, teachers and curricula must be provided. Depending on what kind of school your child attends, you will spend more or less on their education.


Also, if people pay for college, they are likely to get a better job after graduation. Houses that are close to the school will benefit their children more than homes that are farther away. As a result, the government pays more taxes, which can be used to fund welfare and health care programs.

Essay on Education Should Be Free
Essay on Education Should Be Free

The following are some reasons why education should be free:

A basic human right is education. Every human being should have access to education. We should start with children by providing them with free home education from an early age, enabling us to build a society that is developed for generations to come.

In order to change your life, you must educate yourself. Education keeps your mind open and creative, so that you can yourself determine what your future will be like, either success or failure.

A good education is not only a means of survival; it is also a means to find work and earn a living. Educating lower class children is the best way to combat poverty, inequality, and other social injustices. All people should have access to education free of charge to develop their nation without discrimination based on caste or religion.

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Having a good education is crucial to a person’s academic, social, and political success. The global education system requires a lot of money, but it should not be monopolized so that everyone can move at the same pace, solving problems like world poverty or world starvation at the same time.

Without making its talent any harder, the world’s future inevitably goes nowhere. With more knowledge, you have a better chance of standing out from the crowd and have an easier time navigating the world today’s challenges.

Today, education plays an even more important role in the development of our world than ever before. Almost every student pays money to attend the institute and study. Unfortunately, not everyone can, as many do not have a strong financial support system to allow them to attend the school they desire and to continue their education. When it comes to education, learning should be free of charge for everyone.

Students who receive free education are more likely to succeed. It is very satisfying for a student to no longer have to worry about the educational charges when he is relieved of these charges. Therefore, he also strives to improve his grades as a way of appreciating this opportunity.

As a result, society will gain a reliable, productive workforce by offering students the chance to continue their studies. Countries that support their students’ education are generally the most innovative and creative.

In some cases, free education can have the opposite effect on students. If everything was easy, students would not find it difficult to drop out of school and studies since they had not earned them in the first place.

Free education can ruin the quality of teaching too, since students usually value things based on their difficulty, and they will waste this opportunity. Free education can also result in them wasting it.

Today, the majority of schools rely on students’ fees to improve their facilities and materials, but without those fees, schools can’t move forward and will only be able to rely on government funding.

Every child has the right to an education, but not everyone comes from financially stable families. As part of the post-modern era of civilized and educated individuals, we can contribute to the community by setting up private institutions where slum children can be taught for free. It only takes small steps to make bigger changes at a broader level.

In order to support poor families, the Indian government should provide free education while letting private companies run educational institutions. High-quality education can be provided by private firms to those who are wealthy. The government firms will deliver high quality services when competing against the private firms.


It is important to make education free for all people below the poverty line since education is the way to develop any nation. This will allow us to modernize our country without caste or religion discrimination.

A well-educated workforce will ensure that countries can prosper and develop into future evolution. Education should remain equally accessible to everyone, regardless of income.

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