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Essay on Elephant 150 Words

Among the most commonly found terrestrial mammals in Asia and Africa, elephants are the world’s largest terrestrial mammals. The elephant is considered the national animal of Thailand. As a consequence, they are divided into two groups: Asian elephants (also known as Indian elephants) and African elephants.

Asian elephants are smaller in size than African elephants. Among all animals, elephants are smart, social, and never leave their herds or leave their surroundings. If one goes missing, it is tracked down by the herd.

It is estimated that the number of elephants in the world has rapidly decreased due to a rapid decline in their populations. Elephants are herbivorous animals which eat leaves, twigs, fruits, and vegetables.

While the numbers of African elephants are mostly unaffected, the number of Asian elephants is declining. Various laws have been passed regarding the possession and rearing of elephants for various purposes in order to protect endangered species.

Elephants used to be domesticated and reared as pets in some places. Nevertheless, this practice is no longer accepted. From the beginning, elephants have been able to transport people and heavy goods from one place to another, something that is no longer encouraged or permitted.

In order for these animals to live their natural lives, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t matter what human beings decide.

Essay on Elephant
Essay on Elephant

Essay on Elephant 250 Words

Elephants are among the world’s largest animals. They are also thought of as being the strongest terrestrial animals. Even though they are often wild animals, they can be trained to live as pets in a zoo or in homes with humans if they are properly trained.


Studies have shown that it can be beneficial to people. There are two large ears on this large mammal, and it has two legs that look like pillars and fans. It has relatively small eyes in relation to its body.

The large ears and the two legs resemble pillars and fans. With its large trunk and short tail, it has the ability to pick up both small needles, as well as very heavy trees or weights, with ease, through its trunk. It bears a pair of long, white tusks on either side of its trunk, each of which is on opposing sides of its trunk.

Despite living in the jungle, elephants sometimes eat twigs, leaves, straws, and wild fruits for food, but they can also eat bread, bananas, sugarcane, and other items as pets as well. A wild animal that only eats vegetarian food.


People today use them to pull logs, perform in circuses, carry large weights, and perform other tasks. Kings and dukes used them in wars and battles in the past. They live for more than 100 years. The animal continues to play an important role even after its death.

Essay on Elephant
Essay on Elephant

Essay on Elephant 500 Words

Elephants are big and powerful animals that can cause a great deal of harm when they become angry. They are considered natural prey by lions and leopards due to their enormous size and are extremely dangerous when angered.


In terms of their behavior, elephants can become aggressive at times, but they are usually very calm. When hunting, elephants make use of both their ears and tusks for hunting. Egyptian elephants can be found mainly in countries located in the eastern and southern parts of Africa, such as Kenya and Tanzania.

The elephant is the most popular animal in the animal kingdom. Elephants possess a wide range of abilities. They have incredibly large ears to “hide” in, as well as enormous molars to “crush” food with. The trunk of an elephant can even be used as a snorkel, but the elephant isn’t just known for its size, strength, ears, tusks, or trunk.

Despite the fact that there are numerous terrestrial mammals, none of them can equal the height of the elephant when standing on its four feet, and some of these species weigh more than 10 000 kilograms, making them one of the largest species of living terrestrial animals. Asian elephants are around 3 meters (10 feet) in height when measured at the shoulder, and 5 meters (16 feet) when measured at the top of their heads.

The trunk of these land animals can reach up to 10 inches in length, which is used for breathing, trumpet calls, and moving objects. They can reach heights of up to 4 meters and weigh up to 7 tons.

It is said that elephants are the most beautiful creatures in the world. Their trunks, tails, and the way they react to danger, make them one of the most unique animals on earth. Elephants truly are one of the most amazing creatures in the world.

A lot of Indians are obsessed with elephants. This is one animal that occupies a very important and prominent place in the Indian mind. There are two Elephant festivals in Western India.

On the tenth day of Ashwiyanti month, that is, September-October in accordance with the solar calendar, there is a festival called Gajamastmi, observed in Sewalakshetra in Sonebhadra (15 km north of Jhansi). Another festival is called Dussehra, celebrated in all parts of India. Rama’s victory over Ravana is the main reason for celebrating this festival.

Due to the increase in elephant populations in the recent past, conservationists have been growing increasingly concerned, as they are forced to search for new areas in which to settle as a result of the rapid increase in elephant populations. The rapid increase in human population has resulted in elephants moving to previously uninhabitable regions in recent years.

Elephants, or Elephas maximus in its scientific name, are one of the most fascinating animals in the world. I wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of one if I saw one, and I will want to know everything I can about it, so here you will find some interesting facts about them.

The conservation of elephants is a major undertaking and should not be taken lightly. For such a large issue, we shouldn’t take this issue lightly. For such a large issue, we shouldn’t take it lightly. It is an issue which must be taken seriously by everyone.


Considering elephants are the largest mammal on earth, they play an important role in the ecology of forest ecosystems. Elephants are endangered and protected by law due to the fact that they were poached in the past for illegal trade.

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