Essay on My Favourite Game Football


Whenever our children have free time, they only play their favourite game without any compulsion. In the immediate aftermath of returning home from school, they will rush off to play cricket or football with friends without changing their uniforms. The purpose of this essay is to show children how to write an essay about their favourite game.

There is a high probability that one of your children enjoys cricket and the other enjoys football in your house if you have two children. As with all children, they have different tastes, but we will focus on football in this essay.

While some people watch football on television, others jump at the chance to play and score a goal. This essay on my favourite game, football, will help us understand the rules of the game.

Essay on My Favourite Game Football 150 Words

The first time I saw people playing football on a nearby field was when I was six years old. I was fascinated by the way the players passed the ball with their feet, and I unknowingly let out a huge cheer when they scored. My excitement persisted even after I got home, and I knew my goal was to learn football.

Despite my lack of expertise at first, my father eventually bought me a football, and we began playing it together in the evenings. Despite not being an expert at first, I gradually learned the game through hard work and dedication.

After I began playing well, I became a member of the school football team. As a result of this, I was able to improve my playing tactics by learning how to navigate a team of 11 players with the ball and kick the ball into the goalpost.

Moreover, football improved my stamina and leadership abilities. This essay on my favourite game football will confirm that I consider football my preferred game.

Essay on My Favorite Game Football
Essay on My Favourite Game Football

Essay on My Favourite Game Football 250 Words

Having a hobby keeps you entertained, focused and happy all the way through. Hobbies are the result of sheer human nature and aptitude into some kind of skill. In my opinion, one of the most popular outdoor games in the world is playing football.

Football is a combination of the words foot and ball, in which players run and kick a ball. The game is played between two teams and each team has 11 players, with one player serving as a goalie. At both ends of a large field are goalposts that are supported by big nets.


The goalkeeper stands in front of their team’s goalpost in order to prevent the ball from entering their goalpost to save a goal when each team competes with an opposing team, and he or she can try to kick a ball into the opponent’s goalpost, which is referred to as a goal.

Football games are also supervised by a referee who judges a player’s goal and also ensures that the game is played honestly.

If either team scores no goals or equals goals, extra time of 30 minutes is given to each team, and ultimately, a penalty shootout of five attempts is given to each team.


It takes 90 minutes to play football, which is divided into two sessions of 45 minutes each with a break of 10 minutes between each session. Since playing football is a great way to exercise and maintain good health, almost every school and college plays this game.

Football matches are played worldwide, and the highest tournament is the World Cup which takes place every four years. FIFA is responsible for taking care of football as a game worldwide. There have been 21 World Cup tournaments since 1998, with Brazil winning five times and Germany and Italy winning four times.


With the world’s popularity, football is also very popular in India. Though the game is only 90 minutes long, it is full of all the excitement you would expect from a game.

Essay on My Favorite Game Football
Essay on My Favourite Game Football

Essay on My Favourite Game Football 500 Words

It is an outdoor sport played between two teams with 11 members each, on a rectangular field with goal posts on either side. Football is played in almost a hundred countries around the world.

A football match has the primary goal of scoring a goal against the opponent. Players play this game by kicking a ball with their foot. As the name implies, the team with the highest number of goals wins the match. As another name, this game is known as “Soccer.”

There is no doubt that football is one of the most popular games all over the world. It helps many people reduce their stress, teaches teamwork and discipline, as well as improving their fitness levels. It is a game of wonder, joy, and interest for all parties involved.

In ancient Greece, football was called Harpaston. Two teams kicked a ball with feet and scored goals by running or kicking the ball past goal posts.

Football is one of my favourite games of all time. It has been an immense source of joy and excitement for me and my family. Whenever I took the ball forward to the opponent’s goalpost, I felt a rush in my veins. I played on the attacking side of my school’s football team.

All my teammates will cheer me on when I score a goal. I’ve always enjoyed watching football, and Christino Ronaldo is my favourite player. He is the greatest forward of all time.

It goes without saying that he is the greatest player the world has ever seen in football. I watch all of his matches and I view him as my role model. While playing, I even attempt to mimic his moves.

A person who plays soccer for 90 minutes with a 15-minute break after 45 minutes is going to be running around the field for the entire 90 minutes.

Playing football is refreshing to the body. And since it is a team game, you will feel a sense of effort and team building. Work in teams in the future will surely prove beneficial.

There are so many benefits to playing soccer regularly. Some of them include improving fitness skills, heightening concentration level, and enhancing psychosocial well-being.

Playing football has several important advantages, including:

  • Playing football makes you punctual, calm, and disciplined
  • Cardiovascular health is improved and the heart is engaged as a result of playing the game
  • It encourages teamwork among players.
  • Fitness skills are improved by playing football
  • Over the course of a lifetime, it improves health habits, strengthens muscles, increases lean muscle mass, and helps lose body fat.
  • Physical and mental strength are improved by playing football
  • A good fair play practice and dealing with disappointment are two of its many benefits, which benefit players socially and psychologically.
  • Fast-thinking and adaptability are key to improving confidence level and self-esteem in football games
  • Promotes positive attitudes, which reduce depression


It is only through team spirit that will lead you to play against a rival and win against them. Football, throughout the sport, represents life. Strive hard to succeed and know how to work together with others to succeed.

Throughout your life, you will keep running behind goals and eventually score them. Therefore, children and children should be encouraged to play soccer at home and at school in order to get physically and mentally fit. I hope you enjoyed this essay.

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