Essay on My Favourite Teacher


Teachers are angels which provide us with the proper knowledge and guidance about life. Teachers play an important role in a person’s life. A good teacher always shapes a person’s future in a way that is good for him and his family.

Teachers not only teach us about different subjects and languages but also fill us with discipline and punctuality. They teach us the difference between right and wrong. They are the ones who prepare us to face the challenges thrown by life. 

In this article, we’ll talk about this beautiful topic on our favourite teachers in four sets of different essays of 150, 250, 350 and 500 words. The essays provided are in easy and simple language for the kids, students and children to understand and improve their writing skills. 

Essay on My Favourite Teacher 150 Words

My name is Kush Goyal. I am a student in the 2nd class of Modern High Public School. My favourite teacher’s name is Mrs Kusum Sharma. She teaches me and my other classmates Environmental Science. She is the best teacher.

Environment Science became my favourite subject since she started teaching, she teaches in a way that everyone understands the concept. She is not only a good teacher but a kind human being. She is very humble and kind.

She speaks politely with all the students and inspires us to study hard and get good grades. She has an attractive personality and she is the head of the Science department (HOD) of our school. Whenever I face any problem with the subject, she solves my queries and gives me similar questions to attempt to see if my doubts are cleared.

Moreover, she always motivates me to join other activities along with my studies. I am so grateful to God that he made Mrs Kusum my environmental science teacher. 

Essay on My Favourite Teacher
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Essay on My Favourite Teacher 250 Words

 A truly great teacher is hard to find and impossible to forget. This statement is true indeed. Good teachers are very hard to find. My name is Advit Agarwal and I study in the 4th class at Spring Fields Public School. The name of my favourite teacher is Mr Vikas Bansal.

He teaches us the subject of Science. He has graduated from IIT, Bombay. Mr Vikas teaches us in a way no one can ever teach. He gives us a break whenever we feel tired and he does not teach us when he has the eighth period because he knows from the previous seven periods all the students have been studying.


He entertains the whole class by telling jokes and his life experiences. I love studying in his class because I really have fun being in his class. Everybody loves to be around Mr Vikas because he has a positive attitude towards everything.

He is very punctual and never gets late to class. I never miss his class too. I go to school regularly without even missing a single class. Apart from teaching the subject, he also talks to us about serious things happening around the world and asks for our opinions.

He always tells us the right path to choose no matter how good the evil seems to be. He teaches us the lesson of honesty and loyalty. He inspires us to do hard work at this age and at the same time live life to the fullest. He is the best teacher I have ever seen. I have learned so many things in his class and I am so grateful that I got him as my teacher. 

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Essay on My Favourite Teacher 350 Words

Good teachers are very hard to find. Everyone has one or another favourite teacher in their life but I have two favourite teachers in my life who inspire me to do the best in life. I study at Delhi Public School, Bhankrota. I am a student of class 8th.


The names of my favourite teachers are Mr.Kapilesh Jadhav and Mrs Veronica Jones. Mrs Veronica is catholic and she teaches me and my fellow classmates English. The most shocking thing is that she doesn’t know how to speak Hindi even after being born in India.


She speaks so softly and her accent is so good that I and my batchmates always try to speak like her. She has a very humble nature and a positive attitude towards everything. Whenever something feels off with me I tell her and she calmly listens to me and solves my problems.

Before Mrs Veronica, I didn’t know that English Literature is such a wide subject and her way of teaching is so good that I learn everything in the class itself. I do not open my English notebook after coming home because I already remember everything she taught in the class.

She is the in charge of our floor. She has an attractive personality. I want to be like her when I grow up. Mr Jadhav is my class teacher. He teaches us Mathematics. I remember how bad I was at Maths. I used to fail in the main examinations. I had a fear of mathematics, it was like I never wanted to study this subject. I hated this subject but my class teacher changed it and turned it upside down now.

The way he teaches the concept of the numerical is so amazing that every numerical feels easy and quick to perform. He has worked so hard on me in making me improve in this subject. I really love him and I will always be thankful to him for erasing my fear of this subject.

Mr Kapilesh and Mrs Veronica take out the best in me and supports me by listening to my doubts and telling me about the greater opportunities ahead. I am so thankful to both of these teachers for making me better at my studies and inspiring me to do everything I can. 

Essay on My Favourite Teacher 500 Words

There is a famous quote stating that “The duties of a teacher are neither few nor small, but they elevate the mind and give energy to the character.” A teacher sacrifices so much to give education and a good life to the other generation. He/She gives us good values and a slight introduction to life.

He/She gives us moral values and make us good and responsible citizen of our country. A teacher plays a major role in a student’s life. I am a 12th-class student at Mahaveer Public School. My favourite teacher is Mr Sunil Mittal. Mr Sunil used to teach me music when I was in 7th and 8th class. He is such a good teacher, he developed my taste in music.

Actually, Mr Sunil is the one who made me a music lover. Since I met him, I got to know about various musical instruments and several rhythms. Mr Sunil has always played an extraordinary role in my life. When I was in 7th class, he taught me all about music. Then the interest slowly started kicking in and I don’t know when this interest became my passion.

I did not just learn about music and musical instruments from him but also he kept me indulged in various other school activities. He is in charge of the social club at the school. My involvement in all the social activities gave me self-confidence and leadership qualities. Those days have built my personality to a great extent. From that time till today, I regularly take music lessons from Mr Sunil.

Mr Sunil has seen me grow from the 8th class. These 4 years of my life have been amazing. I took part in every sports activity, skit, debate competition and inter-school quizzes because of Mr Sunil, he just completely vanished my hesitation about being on stage and took out the best in me. I am really very grateful to have a teacher like Mr Sunil.

He always met all his other fellow mates with a big smile and he has a good habit of asking everyone about their well-being. He has completed his graduation from the University Of London in the department of music. He is the most humble and modest teacher I have ever met in life. Till today he asks me about my studies and other co-curricular activities.

A teacher like him is hard to find and impossible to forget. Even on children’s day, he celebrates with all of his choir students with live music sessions. He entertains the class and his classes are never boring. He has the best way of teaching, he relates music to the practical world and tells us everything about music in a very chill mood.

He often tells jokes in the middle of the lecture and laughs with us. He is a very polite and calm person. He is soft-spoken and has a brilliant voice and mind. His teaching is always going to be with me and I will always remember him as the best teacher and the best advisor in my life. 


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” — Martin Luther King. A teacher is the most crucial part of shaping a person’s life.

A person can have a future but he cannot have a proper education without having a teacher. The teacher guides the students to always choose the right way. He/She gives moral values and fills the students with proper discipline which helps a person through his lifetime. I hope this article helped you in finding what you were looking for. 


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