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Hobbies are a part of us. Our hobbies signify the activities we spend our time doing the most. Every individual has got some talent in them which they express through their hobbies and develop some kind of expertise in that thing.

Hobbies are an essential part of human life as they stimulate growth and sometimes the growth and that hobby turns into a passion. Hobby can be a way of learning things and gaining knowledge about different things. People with hobbies usually keep to themselves entertained by doing what they love the most.

In this article, there are 4 sets of different hobbies in four different essays of 150, 250, 350 and 500 words. The essays given below are in an easy and simple language for the kids, children and students to understand more quickly and develop great writing skills.

My Hobby Essay 150 Words

One of my favourite hobbies is clicking photos. I love to capture every single moment happening in front of me. My father is a wildlife photographer, he taught me how to hold a camera and focus on the object. I get goosebumps after seeing my father’s clicked pictures, I feel like the photos are alive, they have so much of reality in them.

I am too small to be a photographer but it is my dream to be like my dad and turn this hobby of mine into a passion. Photography is the art of capturing the moment you are into. You can capture the live moment of the whole scenario into a picture. This is what I love the most about photography.

It’s a way to express something. I click pictures everywhere I go, my dad gives me the camera and I take photos. Wherever we go, wherever we travel the camera stays with me.  Photography is my passion and I will soon turn this into an occupation. I want to be an artist and a photographer in future.

Essay on My Hobby
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My Hobby Essay 250 Words

Hobbies are the activities that we like to do the most in our free time or make free time for them. Hobbies represent the things which we love doing the most. My favourite hobby is reading. I spend my free time reading different books and there is an urge in me to finish the book as soon as I can. The maximum time I take in completing one book is one week.

I developed this habit of reading from my mother. When I was small she used to read me several books and told me reading is a great habit and I should try to read too. Now I know it’s the most amazing thing in my life. Reading books has benefited me by improving my English vocabulary and writing skills. This habit has several advantages like it makes your IQ sharp and improves your language and vocabulary skills.

My mother helps me out when I find difficulty in understanding the tough words. When she is not around I search the difficult words in the dictionary. I have read so many English books. My favourite genres are sci-fi and fiction. It’s a good habit for everyone as it makes a person learn and know about different things and open new perspectives.


People should try to read more often as it increases our confidence and makes us smart. I never get bored of reading. Book Reading is good for everyone and is the best hobby ever as you gain a lot of knowledge and learn new things by reading books.

 My Hobby Essay
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Essay on My Hobby 350 Words

Hobbies are an integral part of humans, people love to do one thing or another in their free time which makes them happy. Hobbies are a good way of spending time. It makes a person productive and stimulates growth. Just like others, I have my hobbies too.

My favourite hobby is writing. I love to write in my free time only when I have peace. I have had this habit of writing since I was in 3rd grade. I got this habit from my grandmother. She is an educated lady and she loves to write. She inspired me to write poetries and small quotes.


Something is always going on in the universe. The way in which we can freely express ourselves is either by living freely or by writing our emotions down. If you ever feel too heavy in heart or stressed, try gathering the words and ink them down on a sheet of paper.

There’s a famous quote written by Anne Frank which states that, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” This statement means that when a person writes, everything changes as the pain gets lesser and the courage develops. Anne Frank is my favourite writer. Writing has helped me in improving my language skills.


It has also helped me in gaining self confidence. I even maintain diaries. I write every day at night in my diary. In my diary I write about myself, my friends & family, how my day passed and what productive I did in my whole day. Sometimes I re-write fictional stories from my school books.

It is a great hobby as it improves our spelling errors. I don’t write to pass my time, I write to pour my heart out in pages. It makes me feel relaxed and stress-free. Everyone and everything inspires me to write more. Writing makes us smarter and increases our IQ efficiently.

I never get bored of this hobby, it keeps me busy and productive throughout the day. In this way, I spend my time studying and writing. It is my dream to become a writer like William Shakespeare and Anne Frank. Hopefully I will become one if this habit stays with me forever.

My Hobby Essay 500 Words

Hobbies are an essential part of human lives. They represent a person’s personality and skills. The best thing about having a hobby is that you become productive and creative in your own way. Different people have different hobbies and different activities that they like to do in their free time.

I love to play cricket the most and it is one of my favourite hobbies. I have other hobbies too except for playing cricket like painting and sketching. Hobbies make a person creative and artistic. For anyone interested in sports, cricket is the best game.

Cricket is a sport that is widely played across the globe and it is played by everyone irrespective of their caste, creed or colour. I have been playing cricket since I was seven years old. I spend my time playing cricket in the evening with my neighbourhood friends.

We divide in a team of 11 vs 11 and play cricket. Cricket is a popular game and it has got its diversity because it is played by almost everyone. My older friends taught me how to play cricket when I was young. Not only did they help me practice but also corrected me and told me the tricks about spinning the ball and swinging the bat so that you don’t get out easily.

My love for this hobby has now turned into a dream and soon I will convert this passion into an occupation. I want to be a cricketer when I grow up. I have played four regional cricket tournaments organised by some institution. Playing has leveled up my confidence.

It has changed my physical appearance and I feel more fit after so many years of playing this sport. Now I teach my brother how to play cricket with efficiency. People also make careers in the field of cricket as the cricketers earn huge amounts of money by just playing.

That’s the reason why cricket is my favourite hobby and it is my ambition to be a cricketer in future. When I get free classes I go to play cricket in my school with my classmates. I am the favourite student of my sports teacher as I am always punctual, I never come late in my practice sessions and work hard to win the game. My favourite cricket player is Virat Kohli.

There is a famous saying by Virat Kohli where he says that “No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win.” We always play to win. I pray to lord everyday to increase my strengths and diminish my weaknesses so that I can conquer this dream of mine and make it a reality.

Playing is a very healthy hobby. It not only increases our stamina and immunity but also makes us look good by changing our physique. Playing is indeed a. great habit and there is no age limitation for anyone to play. It keeps the individual healthy, energetic and active throughout the day.

Moreover, it releases stress, tension and makes our mood good. Playing is a great source of entertainment and fun. Everyone should play one or another sport to stay healthy and fit. I love playing Cricket more than anything else and my family also supports me to make this as a career.


In conclusion, I would say that hobbies are indeed the most important parts of human lives. Without them a person is incomplete. Hobbies relax a person’s mind. Hobbies are a good way of spending time. Hobbies can be a great way of entertainment also.

Here we end this with providing you the best four essays on the four different hobbies for an individual. I hope these essay help you out.


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