Essay On Poverty


Essay On Poverty: Poverty is defined as the absence of the financial resources necessary to maintain a basic standard of living for a person or family. People with poor income cannot afford housing, health services, or education, which are all essential for their survival.

Therefore, poverty can be viewed as a lack of money, or a set of barriers to everyday life, which is a form of poverty.

By reading this essay about poverty, students can gain a better understanding of what poverty is, their major cause, and how efforts are being made to eradicate it in India. In order to be able to write effective essays and score high marks in exams, students must read this poverty in India essay in depth.

Essay on Poverty 150 Words

There are many essential elements in life that contribute to better survival. Some are food, clothing, shelter, medicine, education, and other essential items. Having equal human rights is also a prerequisite. Without adequate shelter, clothing, ethical rights, and educational assistance, people are forced to starve.

Poverty is a worse situation than having equal human rights. Poverty can occur in any country for a variety of reasons, but lack of unity among the residents of the country in order to follow the solutions leads to the issues. The poverty rate is rapidly rising with each passing day due to this, as well.

Since most poor people cannot maintain their health status and receive appropriate medical aid in such situations, the spread of epidemic diseases also contributes to the rising rate of poverty in any country. Due to unclean and unhygienic food and water, and living in unhealthy conditions, people who are poor are unable to seek care from service providers and go even more at risk for diseases and illnesses.

Essay On Poverty
Essay On Poverty

Essay on Poverty 250 Words

Poor people do not have enough money to afford the essentials for living a perfect and healthy human life. This means that they are unable to arrange the perfect two-time meal and eat a healthy, nutritious diet. As a result, one can define poverty using a number of different criteria.

In countries like India and Africa, which are underdeveloped or developing, poverty is the most common social issue. These nations have higher poverty rates than developed nations in the world. Approximately a third of these people are unable to meet their basic needs because they lack access to better-paying opportunities and income. There are large numbers of illiterate, hungry, and homeless people living in these nations.

The country’s economy, society, and politics are all affected by poverty. Many poor people lack enough money to satisfy all their needs and live their entire lives without access to many facilities, such as clean water and a two-day meal. To earn their living, poor people must do wrong things and commit crimes.


A nation’s poverty is caused by a variety of factors, and in India, those factors include British rule, slavery conditions, and an increasing epidemic of illnesses. Low-income families do not even have access to adequate education and medical aids for their children. The comparatively more prosperous people have access to much modern advancement, which many of them are unaware of.

Essay On Poverty
Essay On Poverty

Essay on Poverty 500 Words

 Lack of basic necessities, illiteracy, malnutrition, poor human development, and poor quality of life are all consequences of poverty. As a result, developing nations like India face a greater challenge, which significantly hinders their economic growth. People in poverty do not have access to basic necessities and a healthy lifestyle due to poverty.

A high poverty rate leads to a number of issues, such as illiteracy. Illiteracy increases as a result of a lack of money to access proper education and learning resources. Poor people are also prone to malnutrition as they cannot afford to eat properly twice a day and get a nutritious diet. As a result, there are more diseases and illnesses that also remain uncurable due to lack of medical aid, resulting in an increase in illnesses and diseases.


Poverty causes families to have lower incomes that cannot meet their needs, and therefore children are also forced into child labor. The shortage of money caused by unemployment leads to poverty and affects the daily lives of people. Additionally, poverty forces people to work in harmful conditions against their will.

Poverty causes social stress because it results in a gap between rich and poor incomes. This also creates a greater issue for people because they are forced to go outside their homes without shelter on the roads, sidewalks, or open spaces. The problem of poverty affects people of all ages and demographics in adverse ways, causing severe losses and stress for them. This is a concern, and it should be addressed by the government.


India has a higher poverty rate than other countries. Poverty occurs when people do not have shelter and are denied basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, etc. More than half of the population is unable to afford even a two-time meal, they sleep on the streets, wear dirty clothes, drink dirty water, and live in unhygienic and unhealthy conditions. People who live in poverty do not have access to proper nutrition, medical aid, education help, and other essential services.

Urban India is experiencing rapid poverty as many rural residents are shifting into urban areas, resulting in a rapid rise in poverty. Lack of employment opportunities causes people to move in search of employment and a better lifestyle, but they are often forced to work in unsafe and unpleasant conditions due to a lack of employment opportunities.

Many Indians live below the poverty line, and 4.5 crore live in slums. Most urban people are illiterate and live in slums. Over eight crore people live below the poverty line, and 4.5 crore are on the verge of poverty.

In order to prevent poverty, we can take specific steps to ensure that everyone on earth has a better life. It is essential that farmers receive adequate and necessary access to facilities for better agriculture to ensure a healthy lifestyle. A better life for the illiterate people requires adequate education and training. In order to control the population, family planning training and sex education must be provided to the public, and every child must attend school in addition to new employment opportunities.


There is no doubt that poverty is not an individual issue, but rather a national and global problem. Human resource development is threatened by poverty, so it must be addressed in the utmost urgency.

A combination of efforts should be made to eliminate all loopholes in government systems and to support organizations that strive to alleviate poverty. People need to take essential and effective actions to reduce poverty.

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Essay On Poverty

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