My Aim In Life Essay


While writing this essay, students should focus on the goals they set for themselves and strive to become a better version of themselves. My aim in life essay discusses how to set priorities, why they are important, and how we should do our best to accomplish them. In addition to highlighting how to remain consistent and achieve your life goals, the article also provides insights into why your personal goals are extraordinary for you. Students can use this to write a personal essay about their goals and career path based on this.

My Aim In Life Essay 150 Words

As a child, I always wanted to be a doctor. It has been my dream since I was a child. A person must know where they want to go in life, and what he hopes to become when he grows up. Once one knows what someone aspires to be, he can work hard to achieve it.

My parents are very happy with my decision and wish me all the success and hope that I will achieve my ambition. I am always concerned when my friends and family members are sick, and I feel like caring for them. My intention is to establish a clinic in my village once I receive my medical degree. There are no good doctors in the village. Due to the lack of medical facilities, a large number of people die there, and I would like to provide them with medical assistance.

It is not my intention to become a doctor just to make money. I will ensure that the poor should not be deprived of treatment because of a lack of money. I will treat my patients gently and considerately. With dedication, determination, and devotion, I am sure that I will succeed in fulfilling my ambition. I shall encourage people to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

My Aim In Life Essay
My Aim In Life Essay

My Aim In Life Essay 250 Words

Throughout my life, I have a dream of serving my motherland in a uniform. As a pilot, I wish to join the Indian Air Force or Navy, protecting my country from its enemies. The sound of an aircraft moving across the air makes my heart race. The sheer power of the aircraft can also be felt through the rumble over the ground. Flying in a fighter plane is my ultimate goal. The Balakot airstrike inspired me to become a naval pilot through Operational Trident during the war with Pakistan. A real hero is someone you earn, not the one you see in the movies or TV shows. To be a real hero, you have to earn a uniform that gives you real powers and not imaginary ones. In the end, I want to see myself in the uniform as soon as possible.

What made me choose to join the military as my life’s goal?

A sense of systematicity, organization, and discipline inspired me to join the forces. Rather than the mundane civilian life, it is the action involved in the military that draws me there. Having radio contacts in the services is beyond cool to me. The way they communicate is fascinating in its own way. It is always appealing to me to see the colors of the uniform, whether it be green, white, or blue. The authorization to kill an enemy is the cherry on top. Armed personnel are provided with advanced gear and machinery. Guns and weapons are included in this machinery.

My opinion is that life in the forces is far more satisfying and adventurous than civilian life. I also enjoy adventure sports like skydiving, river rafting, scuba diving, mountaineering, etc. In every step of the services, I have the opportunity to engage in action. I don’t want to take advantage of these privileges for the privileges that armed personnel enjoy, but I cannot ignore these benefits. For me, the vehicles are an important aspect. My first step would be to get one for myself.

My Aim In Life Essay
My Aim In Life Essay

My Aim In Life Essay 500 Words

It is important to have an aim in life, because an aimless person is like a rudderless ship in the sea that has no idea where they are headed. As well, if we do not know where we should be in life, we will not know where to go. I have always wanted to be a professor, but my family is inspiring me to do the same. I have overcome many obstacles and setbacks from time to time. My parents are really supportive and respect my decision.

A lot of my friends wish to become professors, and some wish to become MBAs. There are so many aims and goals students can choose from in their life. Doctors, educators, programmers, designers, architects, marketers, supervisors, managers, engineers, and other top trending professions are the ones in the world right now. Maybe you have something unique in you and you are interested in pursuing it. Consequently, different people adopt different goals according to their inclination or taste or perception of life. I am grateful to my teachers for their guidance and assistance.


Once, I explained some doubts to my classmates and realized I enjoyed explaining and teaching. They have always inspired me to work harder and do better. Later, I had the opportunity to teach while doing an internship with an NGO. I taught kids in a slum. My experience gave me a different kind of satisfaction. As a result, I decided to become a professor because I had never felt happier than that.

Working as a professor gives me many opportunities to develop my interests in discovering new places and learning about new cultures, languages, and cuisines. Therefore, I am the one who enjoys exploring new places and getting to know new cultures, languages, and cuisines. Aside from my English Honours degree, I intend to pursue a Master’s degree. Following that, I intend to take the UGC NET exam. Academia has a number of advantages, including flexible working hours that are generally different from other professions.

Being a professor has the biggest advantage of finding jobs across the globe. The road to my goal is surely long, but I will try my best to accomplish it, and I recommend that everyone do the same. My greatest advantage is that I am honest and passionate about what I want out of life. By visualizing the change and achieving milestones along the way, I believe I can stay motivated to succeed. Executing an action plan in a timely manner with a proactive attitude is key to success.



It is my personal goal that I would like to achieve in life. I am honest and passionate over the goal I have set for myself and I urge everyone to strive as hard as they can to achieve it.

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