10 Lines on My Best Friend


My Best Friend 10 Lines: A friend is the one person whom you can talk about anything without hesitation and is the most important person in our life. A best friend is a blessing who knows you inside out and loves you. In this article we’ll provide you with 4 sets of essays, each containing 10 lines.

My Best Friend 10 Lines

  1. The name of my best friend is Jiya.
  2. She is my classmate.
  3. We both study in Modern High Public School in class ____.
  4. She is very humble and kind.
  5. Jiya plays badminton with me every evening.
  6. I share everything with Jiya and she also shares everything with me.
  7. Jiya is the most beautiful girl in our school.
  8. She never yells at me, she always talks softly.
  9. I love my best friend so much.
  10. Her parents know me as well and they treat me like their own daughter.
My Best Friend 10 Lines
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My Best Friend Essay 10 Lines

  1. Jiya is an amazing person. She is so polite.
  2. Jiya likes to play chess.
  3. Jiya is a national level chess player.
  4. Her hobbies are reading and dancing.
  5. She has an elder and a younger sister.
  6. We both love dancing.
  7. We both watch cartoons together while eating snacks.
  8. She is my best friend because she understands me and never judges me.
  9. She helps me with my homework and everything else.
  10. I am so grateful to have Jiya as my best friend.
My Best Friend Essay 10 Lines
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10 Lines on My Best Friend

  1. She is taller than me.
  2. Jiya is good at studies and always scores 90+.
  3. We always spend most of our time together.
  4. She always makes my mood good by making me laugh when I am sad.
  5. I thank God every day for giving me my best friend.
  6. She is not just my classmate but my next-door neighbor too.
  7. We also complete our homework together.
  8. We go to our dance classes together.
  9. All of my school teachers praise Jiya for getting good marks.
  10. She takes part in most of the school activities.
10 Lines on My Best Friend
Image: 10 Lines on My Best Friend

My Best Friend 10 Lines Girl

  1. My best friend is always there with me when I need her.
  2. She also knows how to make food.
  3. Jiya and I have been best friends for 6 years.
  4. My mother treats Jiya like her own daughter.
  5. Jiya loves me and my family so much.
  6. We also went for a school trip together.
  7. Jiya likes to help poor people or people with needs.
  8. I have learned so many things from her like dancing and painting.
  9. She is an all rounder girl.
  10. I will always be there for my best friend in my life.
10 Line on My Best Friend
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So we finally conclude by sharing a lot of good things about having a best friend in life. I hope this article helps you.

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