Paragraph on My Favourite Sport


Paragraph on My Favourite Sport: Sports refer to the physical activity or skill in which a person or a team competes against another person or a team for entertainment. Everyone likes to play specific games or do sports activities, especially children who are skilled and can play in an energetic way.

Children love to play games, be they outdoor games or indoor games. ‘My favourite sport’ is an exciting topic for children of all age groups. In the following article, we will provide you with different paragraphs on four different sports in 100, 150, 200 and 250 words.

My Favorite Sport Essay 100 Words

Hockey is my favourite game. Playing this sport is fun. I play Hockey at my school with my friends. Hockey is the National Sport of India and is played throughout the world. My father is a national hockey player. He teaches me the ways to play hockey efficiently.

In this game each team has 11 members who compete with each other. Playing keeps me healthy, fit and is a great source of energy and entertainment. Being the National Game of India, it is not common in India. People should play hockey and see how good this game is. Schools should add this sport as well and teach students to play and increase its popularity.

Paragraph on My Favourite Sport
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My Favourite Sport Essay 150 Words

My favourite sport is Football. I love playing football. This sport has gained fame throughout the world. I love watching football games on TV. My favourite team is Real Madrid. My favourite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the best football player in the world. I want to be like him when I grow up.

I play football at my school with my classmates and I also play it in the evening with my neighbourhood friends. It is comparatively an easy game and anyone could learn it with hard work and patience. Playing this sport gives a sense of freedom, unity or teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership.

It is fun chasing the football across the ground and hitting a goal. It demands high energy and physical exhaustion too. Indians do not take much interest in football whereas other countries have good teams which compete with each other and win world cups and people across the globe watch them with interest.

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Essay on My Favourite Sport 200 Words

Badminton is my favourite sport. It can be played indoors and outdoors. It is a great sport for fitness as well as entertainment. People from every age group can play badminton. It is an easy game to play. This sport came into existence in the 19th century when Britishers were ruling India.

It originated from a game called George Cajoles that started in Pune. It is played with a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock which is swung in the air with the help of rackets. It is a sport which makes me energetic and active. It is the source of my energy and entertainment.


I play badminton with my classmates in my school and I play with my best friend in the evening. I love this game because it requires speed and accuracy and I am skilled at both.  This game was considered an official sport in the Olympics in 1992.

Though it originated in England, it is now widely played in Asian countries such as India, South Korea, Indonesia, China, etc. Playing keeps me healthy and active throughout the day. I usually play for entertainment but when I feel competitive I get serious and play with precision.

Many organizations conduct these badminton events at the zonal, regional and national levels. I have played at the regional level. Playing this game relieves my stress and makes my mood good. It’s my favourite game to play in every mood.


My Favourite Sport Essay 250 Words

Cricket is my favourite sport. Cricket is a sport that is widely played across the globe and it is played by everyone irrespective of their caste, creed or colour. It is also called the Gentleman’s Game as it was played by British officers back in the 16th century.

I play cricket every day in the evening with my neighbourhood friends. Although we don’t obey the rules of cricket, it is a great source of physical exercise and entertainment. We play in a team of 5 versus 5 whereas in this game of cricket each team has 11 members.


Before the game starts we toss a coin and whoever gets the head wins to choose between batting and bowling. This is an outdoor game, it is played with a bat, and ball along with the stumps. It is one of the most famous games of India. My favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli.

In the game of cricket, each team competes with the other and the team with the highest scores wins the game. There’s an umpire who observes the game and ensures that rules are being followed. Players have to listen to the umpire and the judgement of the umpire is the final decision.

Cricket is a popular game and it has got its diversity because it is played by almost everyone. People also make careers in the field of cricket as the cricketers earn huge amounts of money by just playing. That’s the reason why cricket is my favourite game. Everyone should play one or another sport to stay healthy and fit.


Playing is a great habit and there is no age for an individual to play. It keeps an individual healthy, energetic and active throughout the day. Moreover, it releases stress, and tension and makes our mood good. Playing is a great source of entertainment and fun.

Therefore, people in order to stay healthy and fit should have some playing habits. I hope this article helps you in finding what you were looking for.

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