Women Empowerment Essay


In the past, men were considered to be the leaders of families. They made all decisions and earned their living. Our society consists of men and women. Traditionally, women were mainly responsible for household chores and childrearing. Therefore, the roles were mainly determined by gender. Women were not involved in decision-making. According to research, women’s issues are either focused on their reproductive role and body or on their economic role as workers. Yet none of them seeks to empower women. 

Women Empowerment Essay 150 Words

In order to empower women, you must promote and help them identify their strengths and weaknesses and overcome them. Empowering women leads to them taking responsibility for their own lives in society.

By empowering women, we are providing them with equal opportunities in all fields regardless of their caste, creed, or colour. Women empowerment is to provide them with a sense of power so that they can make their own decisions.

Traditionally, men held supreme power in society. The man was responsible for all decisions and was the sole breadwinner. Women were responsible for raising children and handling household chores.

The women of that time were forbidden to work, let alone study, after a certain age, since they would be married at an early age and then have to care for their husband’s family. Work used to be divided based upon gender rather than ability.

A woman’s empowerment means giving her the power to make crucial decisions. As a society, we can only make them empowered by educating them. We can empower them by letting them study, work, wear whatever they want without imposing any restrictions.

There should be a basic education provided to every woman, whether she is born in a rural or urban area, and then the right to make her own decisions in life. Education can only empower women, as it will help them distinguish between right and wrong.

As an empowered woman, I can only show my students what a slight change in attitude can do for the society. Women empowerment is not only necessary for oneself, but also for the society.

Educating women empowers them but it also empowers their families too. In most IT companies, and leading business firms, women often hold the highest positions, inspiring the underprivileged to strive to achieve a better life.

Women Empowerment Essay
Women Empowerment Essay

Women Empowerment Essay 250 Words

The concept of women’s empowerment refers to the process of boosting women’s self-esteem, empowering them to make their own decisions, and enabling them to become active in their communities.


Economic empowerment is one of the most pressing problems in development and economics. Women can control and profit from their assets, income, and resources when they are empowered economically.

Besides improving women’s well-being and their ability to handle risk, it can also lead to ways to help marginalized genders in particular political and social environments. Though gender empowerment and gender equality are frequently used interchangeably, the broader concept emphasizes the contrast between biology and gender as a function, and applies to individuals of any gender.


It refers to women’s ability to make strategic decisions about their lives previously unavailable to them. Women’s empowerment is achieved through literacy, education, training, and awareness raising.

Currently, women’s empowerment is a top development priority. Rather than talking about what women can do for development, the narrative tends to focus on the instrumental gains women can make.


These seven principles have been jointly drafted by a variety of national and international organizations involved in women’s empowerment.

  • Prioritize gender equality at the highest levels of business leadership.
  • Respect and promote human rights and nondiscrimination at work.
  • Make sure all employees, male and female, are healthy, well-being, and safe.
  • Develop the educational, professional, and technical skills of women.
  • Women-empowering approaches should be implemented in supply chain management, marketing, and business development.
  • Participate in campaigns and community projects to promote equality.
  • Public reporting should be conducted on progress toward gender equality.
Women Empowerment Essay
Women Empowerment Essay

Women Empowerment Essay 500 Words

Historically, women have suffered a great deal at the hands of men, so empowerment means making them powerful so they are able to decide for themselves. In earlier centuries, women were treated as almost nonexistent. As if all the rights belonged to men, even a simple right like voting. As time progressed, women realized their power. It was then that women became empowered.

Women empowerment came as a breath of fresh air since they were not allowed to make decisions for themselves. By making them aware of their rights, they realized they needed to be independent of men rather than relying solely on them. Despite the fact that there cannot simply be things going our way simply because of the gender of someone, we still have a long way to go when we talk about the reasons we need it.

The importance of women’s empowerment

Women have always been ill treated by most countries, no matter how progressive they seem. As a result, women around the world have been rebellious to achieve the status they possess today. While western countries continue to make progress, third-world countries like India still have a hard time empowering women.

The empowerment of women in India is more urgent than ever before. There are several reasons why India isn’t a safe place for women. First, honor killings threaten women in India. A family believes it is right to kill them if they ruin their legacy by bringing shame to it.

Additionally, the notion of education and freedom here is very regressive. In some regions, women are still oppressed by men and are married off early. They are still dominated by men, who seem to think it’s their duty to work for them forever. The government prevents them from leaving or having any freedom.

A major problem in India is domestic violence. Men abuse their wives and beat them up because they believe women are their property. Moreover, because women are afraid to speak up, they get paid less than their male counterparts for the same work they do. It is plain and simple unfair to pay someone less than their male counterparts for the same work. Therefore, women empowerment is a necessity. Injustice cannot be tolerated if we empower these women to speak up for themselves.

Empowering Women: How Can It Be Done?

It is possible to empower women in various ways. Firstly, individuals and governments must work together to make it happen. Secondly, education must become compulsory for girls so that they can become illiterate to support themselves.

We must provide equal opportunities for all women, regardless of their gender, and equal pay for them as well. By abolishing child marriage, we can empower women. In case of a financial crisis, various programs need to be held that teach them how to handle it.

Most importantly, women must be taught it is okay to walk out of abusive relationships and return to society because of the stigma attached. Children must be taught it is okay to divorce rather than come home to a coffin at the end of the day.


A number of programs need to be conducted to empower women in India, where child marriages are prevalent in rural areas. Among these programs, women must be taught how to defend themselves in case of financial crisis. It is necessary to eradicate the humiliation of divorce and abuse from society. Many women tolerate abusive relationships because of social pressure. Daughters should be taught that it is wrong to tolerate abuse by anyone, even by their own family. Action should be taken by parents whenever necessary.

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