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Not only does India have a population problem, but the world does as well. The world has some overpopulated places. Population explosion is the continual increase in human population. It can occur in a city or country.

Population Essay 150 Words

In India, the population is the second highest in the world. It is a problem for both developing and developed nations because of its rapid growth over the past few decades. Apart from a few nations, most nations continue to grow their population. This puts tremendous pressure on their economies and society. Increasing populations are often caused by poverty and lack of education.

There are a number of ways to control the population, including sterilization, awareness campaigns, and birth control measures. āOne of these is migration from different countries due to employment oppāortunities, education, and marriage.

The population of a country determines its size. There are two largest populations in the world: India and China. The large population makes it difficult to implement policies. There is a burden on the economy due to population pressure. An increase in population is caused by lack of education and poverty.

There are many programs that can be implemented in order to control a country’s population, such as awareness campaigns and birth control.

Population Essay
Population Essay

Population Essay 250 Words

A population is the number of people living in a particular area. Knowing the population of a city helps us figure out how many resources it needs. For example, we can estimate the number of resources it needs based on its specific population. It is clear that the human population is growing rapidly. Third world countries are particularly affected by the population explosion. Due to limited resources and an ever-increasing population, it is becoming more and more difficult. However, many regions have low populations.

Population Problems In India

In terms of population, India is facing a major population crisis. If we were to estimate, almost 17% of the world’s population lives in India alone. India ranks second in terms of population.

Aside from that, India also has a low level of literacy. This contributes to India’s explosive population. The poor and illiterate classes typically have the largest number of children. The main reason for this is that they are unaware of birth control methods. As a result, they have a better chance of earning due to the fact that there are more helpers in a family.

Furthermore, these classes practice early marriages, which is one of the major reasons for a growing population. Many young girls are married off to men much older than them for financial gain or to avoid their responsibility. The girl bears children from an early age and continues to do so for many years.


There is already a shortage of resources in India, which makes it more challenging for every citizen to share from the same pool of resources. As a result, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

Affects of Population Explosion

A growing population affects not only humans, but also wildlife and the environment. As the population increases, deforestation is occurring at an alarming rate, taking away these animals’ homes at an alarming rate. The destruction of their habitats is also a result of human activity, as well.

Furthermore, human activities are also affecting our climate in drastic ways. As a result of global warming, which is primarily a result of human activities, climate change is real and it is happening. It is impacting our lives very negatively and must be monitored immediately.


Since humans can adapt to the climate, animals cannot. This is why wildlife is also going extinct.


Therefore, man is always concerned with his own well-being and becomes selfish. We cannot survive for very long if the population rate keeps increasing at this rate, since harmful consequences result from a growing population. In order to control the population, we must take measures.

Population Essay
Population Essay

Population Essay 500 Words

Generally speaking, a population explosion is when the population of a species suddenly increases. A population explosion in India has become a major concern since it leads to poverty and illiteracy. The population explosion in India is a serious matter of concern due to the rapid increase in population. Due to the rapid growth of the country’s population, it is difficult for the country’s economy to keep up. Several states have enacted laws to address the issue of population explosion, with the Government of India taking the issue seriously.

Why Populations Are Exploding

Birth Rate Increases

Indians have a high birth rate, which is one of the major causes of their population growth. Even though the birth rate declined from 45.8 per thousand between 1891 and 1990, it is still considered high. Therefore, the birth rate has not decreased in India despite the framing of laws pertaining to family planning, population education, and campaigns.

Reduced Death Rate

Another reason why India has seen rapid population growth is the decrease in death rate over the past few years. In 2001, the death rate in India was about 8.5 per thousand. Advancements in medicine have led to a decrease in death rates. As an example, chronic diseases like typhoid, chickenpox, etc., have become less dreadful. Proper sanitation, cleanliness, and better prenatal and postnatal care have decreased infant mortality rates.

Early Marriages.

Compared to other countries, India has a relatively low marriage age of 18, which means women have a longer period of reproductive activity and can have more children.

Reasons Related To Religion And Society

Every individual in a joint family has access to equal consumption, and every individual takes equal responsibility. Marriage is considered a compulsory social institution in India, and every individual should marry. When people are in a joint family, they don’t hesitate to increase the size of their families. Most Indians believe that a male child is necessary for their family, so they expand their families in anticipation of getting one.

Poverty Is Another Concern

Poverty is another major factor that contributes to population explosion. Children become the main source of income in most households. Children work for their families rather than attend school from an early age, making them a valuable asset. In this way, each individual contributes to the family’s income as an earning member.

Living Standards

It has been observed that people with a low standard of living desire to have additional children since they will see them as assets rather than liabilities. Since the majority of Indians are uneducated, they are unaware of the importance of family planning, which can lead to a better quality of life.

The lack of literacy

Approximately 60% of Indians are either illiterate or have a minimal level of education, which results in limited employment opportunities. Therefore, Indians have a rapid population growth rate due to their high illiteracy rate and adherence to social customs. As a result, child marriage and preference for male children remain prevalent.

Population Explosion’s Effects


Population growth leads to an increase in labour force. However, a shortage of capital resources makes it difficult to employ such an extensive labour force. Among the fundamental features of an underdeveloped country like India are disguised unemployment in rural areas as well as open unemployment in urban areas.

Land Pressures Are Increasing

Due to overpopulation, there is more pressure on land, adversely affecting economic development, on one hand because of the problems associated with subdivisions and fragmentation of holdings, and on the other hand because per capita land availability continues to shrink.

Degradation Of The Environment

The planet is negatively impacted when natural resources are extensively used and natural gas, coal, and oil are produced. Deforestation is a direct consequence of an increase in population, which adversely affects the environment, degrades soil nutrition, causes landslides, and increases global warming.


These facts are important for all of us, and we need to be aware of them before we think about them. Many people are not even aware of this issue, but we should educate them. If we start comparing, we change, otherwise, we think we are the best. We do not have to rely on the government to bring about all changes, but we must also educate ourselves and our family and friends. Each day, we meet a number of people, including our housekeeper, cook, etc. This information can be shared with them, contributing to the nation’s development in this way.

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